I'm so happy everyone who has purchased is having great results! I've seen some wonderful before & after photos!!! ???? For those who haven't tried and for those who need more.... DON'T MISS OUT - Get in on this order to make sure you're stocked up ???? I also have some in stock so let me know!
??No peroxide or harsh chemicals
????No bleaches
????No sensitivity
????Removes plaque
????????Safe for kids
????Whitens caps AND veneers
??Amazing for wine coffee & tobacco stains
????Much less expensive ???? than whitening strips or other treatments!
????ALSO there is a non-floride version available for those of you who prefer ????
If you’re interested in ordering for the first time or replenishing your stock…. enail me or PM on messenger using this link to get yours ordered and shipped to you today!

$32.65 for one tube including shipping. Save money when ordering more than one - each extra tube on same order is only $24.30!


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